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   Cable guide chain_cable guide chain wholesale_cable drag chain_cable drag chain sales_plastic drag chain_plastic drag chain manufacturer_threading drag chain_dust cover_dust cover customized_Shandong Zhongyi Company specializes in the production of cable drag chains, bridge drag chains, closed drag chains, small drag chains, light drag chains, cable protective sleeves, springs, compression springs, cylindrical spiral springs, engineering machinery springs, and mining machinery springs. Crusher spring_excavator spring_ZHONGYI cable chain_cylinder dust cover_retractable dust cover_sewn protective cover_canvas protective cover_flame retardant protective cover_dust cover_dust cover_retractable dust cover Cover_Cylinder Dust Cover_Zippered Protective Cover, Sewing Protective Cover, Screw Protective Cover, Screw Dust Cover, Zippered Protective Cover_JR-2 Type Rectangular Metal Hose_DGT Type Conduit Protective Cover_Machine tool work Light_plastic drag chain_engineering plastic drag chain_steel drag chain_steel aluminum drag chain_cable drag chain_nylon hose_electrical piping_silent drag chain_TLG steel drag chain is a large enterprise.

  Supporting equipment for large machinery enterprises in more than 40 countries in the world. There are hundreds of models for you to choose from behind each product! Its product performance and market share are far ahead of similar products at home and abroad. And continue to expand in the machinery industry at a very fast speed. Today, our company is full of talents, with a group of highly educated, experienced, and innovative employees. Has long been engaged in the development and professional design of machine tool accessories, and has accumulated valuable experience. It can be supplied according to customer needs, according to domestic and international standards, or according to the design and production of various special-shaped products. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company for inspection and guidance! Order by letter

What are your strengths?
branded advantages:
ZHONGYI brand cable guide chain is our company's patented product, advanced technology, mature technology, and master the key core technology of drag chain! With a large parts warehouse, we can ensure that we can provide high-quality and multi-specification ZHONGYI energy chains at any time! Have a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team, fast response to service information, and a strong network system to provide you with technical support at any time! A high-tech mechanical technology enterprise integrating science and technology, R&D, production, and marketing, has a strong supporting system for the research and development of cable protection chains in related disciplines. Provide FORM-E certificate for customers' goods free of charge, and exempt customers from import taxes and fees! We have passed the international SGS certification!
Production management advantages:
The industrial park covers an area of 200,000 square meters, and the existing plant area is 150,000 square meters. It has more than 100 precision processing equipment, including welding robots imported from Japan, gantry plasma cutting machines imported from Germany, gantry milling machines, wire cutting equipment, vertical lathes and Multiple CNC machine tools, cable protection chain injection molding machines, etc.
With a highly skilled production team, we can ensure high-quality and efficient completion of tasks. The production process is interlocking, and the quality inspector goes from the raw material to the factory inspection, to the production process and the finished product storage. The quality of products is strictly controlled in accordance with relevant international standards and our factory standard drawings. Zhongyi Company advocates the concept of "zero defect" and "doing things right at one time", strictly in accordance with ISO-9001 quality management standard production, production and implementation of 6S production management system, improve efficiency, ensure quality, make the working environment tidy and orderly, and prevent Mainly to ensure safety. Won the "safe production" standard certification; from order to delivery, there are a series of reasonable and efficient processes.
Are you a manufacturer or a distributor?
We are a manufacturer and a national A-level tax-paying enterprise. Our company has the authority to import and export goods independently, and our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Taiwan, Indonesia, Kenya, UAE, Russia, etc.! Our company's customs registration code: 3713962973, has a complete world logistics distribution system to ensure that customers' goods are delivered safely and on time! Implement a logistics supply guarantee system, and quickly ship all distribution to the local area through the contracted logistics company.
Can you mail samples to us for testing?
Yes, small quantities of samples are free, but the freight must be paid in advance or collect. The quality of the product you will buy is the same as the quality of the sample. Free sample delivery makes your choice more accurate! Free product catalog delivery, you can get more product information! As long as you have a call, our customer service and business development team will promptly and enthusiastically get in touch with you! At present, our Zhongyi company is actively carrying out the four major projects of technology development, quality brand creation, market expansion, and talent training, in order to build the company into a modern enterprise with modern management, brand internationalization, product technology and sales globalization. And work hard. To build the world's leading supplier of industrial products
What are your payment terms?
ACCOUNT NUMBER U.S. dollar account number (USD): 37050184900100000893
What is the delivery time?
Sign the order on the same day, ship the same day, and deliver the customized products within 10-20 days.
How are the goods packed?
Our company has a special wooden box for export without fumigation, and the wooden box can be affixed according to customer requirements: mark
Can you print on the product according to our requirements?
Yes, if you buy our products, we can print pictures or text on the products, such as your logo, brand, etc. 

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